Schlagwort: Innovation Management

  • White Paper Innovation Management with the «Extended Business Model Canvas» (eBMC)

    If you compare the Business Model Canvas with the navigation system of Aloys Gälweiler, you will see that the innovation is positioned there on the top level, with the two components «solution-independent customer problem» and «solution technology». We then put exactly these two components on the Business Model Canvas, making the eBMC an excellent instrument…

  • Whitepaper The eBMC as an Implementation Tool for the Innovation Architecture

    Once we launched a trial and filled the results from the innovation architecture into the eBMC. And lo and behold, now we had a stable base on which innovations, thrusts and measures could be derived; almost like a real strategy.

  • White Paper: Strategic Success Potentials in Times of Disruption

    Just as operational management has its controlling or core figures in annual or quarterly results, so too does strategic management. The most important control variables here are the market position, the cost position and the customer benefit. Add to this the handling of new technologies and here come S-curves and disruption into the game. The…