Schlagwort: Strategy

  • Take the future of your company into your own hands

    Developing, modifying and adapting business models, generating ideas, exchanging ideas, challenging digitization and experiencing disruptions together with your employees – with STRATEGY.APP you can take the future of your company into your own hands. STRATEGY.APP guides you step by step safely and clearly from the analysis of the initial situation through the design and planning…

  • White Paper: Strategic Success Potentials in Times of Disruption

    Just as operational management has its controlling or core figures in annual or quarterly results, so too does strategic management. The most important control variables here are the market position, the cost position and the customer benefit. Add to this the handling of new technologies and here come S-curves and disruption into the game. The…

  • Strategy Development – The Book

    This strategy guide is a practical guide to developing business strategies. The concept is based on 20 years of experience that I have acquired in the accompaniment and management of strategic projects with mainly medium-sized companies in Germany and Switzerland.