Take the future of your company into your own hands

Developing, modifying and adapting business models, generating ideas, exchanging ideas, challenging digitization and experiencing disruptions together with your employees – with STRATEGY.APP you can take the future of your company into your own hands.

  • STRATEGY.APP guides you step by step safely and clearly from the analysis of the initial situation through the design and planning to the formulation of the strategic measures.
  • STRATEGY.APP creates a variety of quantitative reports with charts.
  • STRATEGY.APP provides information about the current status of the measures at any time.
  • The Management View gives you access to the key information: strategic directions, SWOT, sales and earnings goals, and measures – anytime, anywhere via tablet or smartphone.
  • Any given time STRATEGY.APP will create a Strategy Report for you. Print out individual elements or a selection of the content you want.

The basic version of STRATEGY.APP is free and includes all features including printing to create a consistent business strategy. In addition you get the manual and the instructions online.

Download the manual for the program here:


Or start your strategy today and sign up for an access for your business: www.strategy.app

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